Computer Science

Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of how computers and software work as well as the wider context of technology from the precise technical details to the social, scientific and industrial applications. By combining logical thinking with key mathematical skills, studying Computer Science allows you to understand the science behind computer technology. You will develop practical skills in the specification, programming, design and implementation of computer systems, as well as an understanding of the theory behind them. The study of Computer Science is ever evolving and students of this subject meet challenges every day by using their technical analysis, design and programming skills that they learn at university to create better and more intelligent tools.

What can I do with an Computer Science degree?

Graduates go on to work in the computer industry in roles such as; graduate programmer, graduate support engineer and software developer. Others work in the games industry, pharmaceuticals, finance, communications and commerce sectors.

What might I need to study Computer Science?

For most Computer Science courses an A-Level in Maths is a requirement, additional A-Levels in Physics, Design & Technology, Engineering, Chemistry or Computer Science are desirable.

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