What is Theology?

Theology, sometimes known as Religious Studies, is the study of Religion. Religion is central to world history, society and human life. It is a major force in making the world we live in what it is. The study of theology and religion enables students to explore a wide variety of disciplines to understand the history, practice and thought of the major world religions. There are opportunities to explore religious ideas through the study of Philosophy, Sociology, History, Languages, Anthropology (the study of humans), Art, Literature and Politics.

What can I do with an Theology degree?

Some graduates are employed by non-governmental organisations, in education, religion or government and use their knowledge to directly inform their work. However, many others use the transferable skills of time management, accessing and analysing vast amounts of information, and expressing themselves clearly and concisely to go on to a wide range of careers, for example in banking, business, charities, law, and the media.

What might I need to study Theology?

You don’t have to be religious to study the subject; students come from all faiths and none. Nor do you need to have studied Religious Studies at A-level. This course might interest those who have previously studied Philosophy and Ethics, History, English Literature, Modern Languages, Sociology or Classical Civilisation.

Resources within this subject

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