What is Law?

The law is a set of rules decided by a state and made by certain state institutions. When studying Law at University, you will begin to examine not only what the law is, but what the law should be. It will teach you to understand complex arguments, to reason in a clear and logical manner, and to critically analyse the world around you. Law should appeal to those who want to develop their problem solving skills, but also those who prefer abstract thought.

The study of law encompasses seven compulsory subjects to qualify you to practice within the United Kingdom – constitutional law, tort, criminal law, law of contract, land law, equity, and the law of the European Union. In addition, students can choose to study a number of optional courses, such as: international law, family law, commercial law, human rights law, environmental law and jurisprudence.

What can I do with a Law degree?

Most people who study law go on to have careers as practicing lawyers. They either become solicitors, who work directly with clients to provide legal advice and support to clients, or barristers, who are hired by solicitors represent their clients in court. As they become more senior, they can also become judges, and decide legal disputes.

However, a degree in law can also open the door to other careers. The transferrable skills learnt through a law degree mean that graduates have long been in demand across many sectors of business and industry, in roles that extend well beyond legal departments. Lawyers can be found working with governmental departments such as the Home Office or Foreign Office; in parliament as MPs; or for large corporations in business management. Many lawyers are also present in charitable sector, working with non-governmental organisations, or even in international organisations such as the United Nations, working on issues of international law, humanitarian relief and human rights protection.

What might I need to study Law?

You do not need to have studied Law before and most universities do not ask for any specific subjects. However be aware that a few universities may not accept subjects such as PE, Art, Photography and Dance as one of your main subjects.

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