What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour, and the processes that connect them. It is interested in why and how humans function. Its most common sub-disciplines include cognitive psychology (understanding how the brain and mind function), social psychology (individual, group, and population behaviour), clinical (dealing with mental health of sick individuals), and developmental psychology (studying the way humans age from before birth through the end of life).

What can I do with a Psychology degree?

Psychology graduates go into a number of industries including human health and social work, education, legal, business, human resources and marketing.

What might I need to study Psychology?

For many universities, there are no subject specific requirements. Some may require at least one science subject such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths – some include Psychology and Geography as part of this. It is important to note that Psychology A level is not a required subject and universities design their course to ensure that prior study of Psychology is not needed.