Introduction to the Neuropsychology of Visual Illusions


Visual perception of the world around us is a complex process, and one that allows your brain to make sense of what your eyes see. In this resource you will look at two popular visual illusions: the Hollow Face Illusion and the Café Wall Illusion and begin to understand how visual processing works.


• Begin to think about what causes visual illusions
• Begin to understand what visual illusions can reveal about visual perception

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Resource activities

Activity 1 - The Hollow Face Illusion

This activity introduces you to the visual perception process


Activity 2 - The Café Wall Illusion

In this activity you will look at another visual illusion


Reflective questions

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Task 1

What are the key arguments, concepts, points contained within it?

Task 2

What are you struggling to understand?

What could you do to improve your understanding of these concepts/terminology etc.?

Task 3

What further questions has this resource raised for you?

What else are you keen to discover about this topic and how could you go about learning more?

Can you make any links between this topic and your prior knowledge or school studies?

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