What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of society. It tries to reveal the ways in which people are shaped by their societies and how these societies, in turn, are equally impacted by individuals, groups and organisations. Sometimes sociologists can achieve precision through the use of statistics and new mathematical techniques for understanding phenomena such as social media. Sometimes sociologists can better understand people and situations by thinking carefully about meanings. Sociologists don’t have one best way of studying societies, but pride themselves on flexibility and adapting their research methods to suit the puzzle they are trying to solve. Sometimes sociologists work to understand large-scale social systems, for instance comparing capitalism with other social and economic systems. Other times, sociologists focus on changes in intimate relationships between groups and individuals.

To study Sociology at Cambridge, you can study it through our Human, Social and Political Sciences Course.

What can I do with a Sociology degree?

Sociologists go on to great careers in all walks of life including politics, research, graduate level management, law, education, media and international development. 

What might I need to study Sociology?

Sociology as a university degree rarely has any specific subject requirements. Whilst studying A level sociology gives you a great introduction to the subject, it is by no means necessary and those without it won’t be disadvantaged. Essay based subjects will be a good preparation. 

Resources within this subject

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