Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic

What is Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic?

Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic involves the study of the different peoples of the British Isles, Brittany and Scandinavia in the early Middle Ages. It covers the history, material culture, languages and literatures of various peoples — Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Celtic — separately and in relation to each other.

You will gain essential skills in critical thinking, communication and research. This course is offered at the University of Cambridge but you can study similar courses at other universities such as Celtic Studies. Some institutions also offer Celtic Studies as a dual/joint honours degree with other subjects such as English or other languages.

What can I do with an Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic degree?

Graduates in this subject are highly skilled and the nature of their studies means that they have experience of being adaptable and analytical in new situations. They can therefore expect to work in a wide variety of areas in the arts and elsewhere, including heritage management, teaching, research, librarianship, enterprise and broadcasting. Whilst others go into careers including journalism, publishing, banking, law, the Civil Service, industry and business, and even software development.

What might I need to study Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic ?

There are often no specific A-Level subject requirements for entry to this subject but A-Levels in English Literature, a Modern Language and/or History are considered good preparation.

Resources within this subject

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